Top 10 Tips for Truckers to Be More Eco-Friendly
Top 10 Tips for Truckers to Be More Eco-Friendly
May 6, 2019
The Shortage od truckers
The Shortage of Truckers        
May 13, 2019

3 things that can save your life on the road

3 things that can save your life on the road

3 things that can save your life on the road


Truck drivers have a huge responsibility when taking out such large vehicles on the road! Many loads are very dangerous, and can make a huge incident. That means that you should be extra careful for everyone’s safety. Here are three tips that can save your life:


  1. The dangerous part comes in when you need to stop in a hurry or take evasive action to stop. Throw in wet or frozen roads; along with driving all night it doesn’t take long to see the dangerous side. Wind also affects handling abilities. Other cars and trucks cut you off, make right hand turns from the left lane, right in front of you. Equipment malfunctions, air leaks, blown tires, and soon a good safe boring ride gets behind puckering real quick.

Tip #1: You can prevent many equipment failures if you do your morning pre-trip, or have your “B” service done as scheduled. Another thing that helps is making sure those trailer brakes are properly adjusted BEFORE you start down a 5 mile 6/7 percent grade.


  1. Be aware of what’s happening on both sides, behind you, and in front of you as far ahead of you as you can see. Have that awareness every second you are driving. You also need to be able to process that information almost immediately so you are able to adjust to those unplanned events.

Tip #2:  You need to be properly trained, and have a year or two of experience before you begin, to be able to do that. There are countless situations in which truckers avoided an accident just by being able to react to a situation before it became a problem.


  1. God forbid that anyone meets an accident, but it’s best to play safe on the road. Building financial immunity against any unexpected road accidents is a must! Don’t forget the old saying: Better safe than sorry.

Tip #3: Never Hit the Road without an Auto Insurance Protection


Don’t get in a position where you have to save your life. A lot of things happen when you drive long enough. What do you do to stay safe on the road? Share with the others in the comment section below.



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