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5 Tips for Every Trucking Dispatcher

Trucking Dispatcher

Trucking Dispatcher


Every trucking dispatcher is very important for the transportation industry, however this job is underrated. Drivers don’t like them; they try to avoid much contact with them. But what they don’t see is that dispatchers are there for them- they are truckers’ organizers, coordinators and problem solvers! Hence they need a lot of skills! And to do all that while staying calm and concentrated is a big challenge! So here are 5 tips for every trucking dispatcher:


  1. Be transparent

Stay honest with your customers! Truck drivers hate it when you take up a lot of their time, so instead of avoiding the main point, just cut to the chase! Your drivers will appreciate it if you are forthcoming about the situation, even if the matter in question is not in their favor. They will understand and respect you for being honest about trying to find a mutually beneficial solution.


  1. Communicate with your colleagues about your experiences

This is very important for problem solving! Even when you were never in a similar situation, you never know what can happen on the road. So stay open minded and listen.


  1. Don’t rush your decisions

When handling a problem, don’t just rush into a solution unless you are absolutely sure of a good outcome! You need to learn that in stressful situations, you don’t always need to hear your instincts. Instead, clear your mind and weigh the pros and cons of each option.


  1. Check the weather all the time

Schedule yourself some time at the end of the day to look at the weather forecast for the next day. In addition you should also plan your drivers start times accordingly. You will save up a lot of time and stress.


  1. Know your drivers

Get to know your drivers and you will find it’s much easier to maintain a calm relationship with them. Don’t yell at them! It’s better to step away from your desk and just breathe. We know it’s challenging with the phone ringing all the time, tons of messages which you need to answer… But if you calmly help you drivers when they need you- they will respect and help you out in return.

Do you have any other tips for every trucking dispatcher to use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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