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October 3, 2019
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October 11, 2019

6 Memes Only Truckers Understand

Memes only truckers understand

The inner circles of trucking are great. You have nicknames for many things that only you can understand. Codes and common events that are fairly known in the trucking world but outside of it, not so much. We gathered 6 memes that only truckers can understand.

Safety first.

What everyone on road needs to realize is that semi-trucks are big and they need more space and time compared to other vehicles to maneuver. So keep a safe distance and pay attention, because every second can count.

Memes only truckers understand





Now now, no cheating.  E.L.D compliance is a must! It’s for your and everyone’s safety. Rest is a very important factor for every driver, especially for drivers who are staying on the roads for a long period of time.


Blinky thing means turning.

It is exactly as it say. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, not on your phone.



Love and trucking

No one said that she would want to drive my truck?! Face it, more and more ladies are starting to joining the industry, so it’s getting common for them to have interest in trucks too. I mean, who wouldn’t, they are amazing!



Instagram, Facebook and selfies

Let’s face the facts for once. There are no bigger picture takers than truckers. I mean, look at how beautiful my truck is!


Weight stations

Ah, the weight stations. Places every trucker wants to avoid, hopes it’s closed and pretends that he is blind. You have to understand again, this is for everyone’s safety!

Memes only truckers understand



Did you like our memes? Which one was your favorite? Do you know any other great memes only truckers understand? Share your funny thoughts with us in the comments section!

*note: the pictures in this posts are clearly for humorous reasons only. Always drive according to the law and stay safe out on the road!

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