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7 Stereotypes About Truck Drivers That Didn’t Change Over Time

7 Stereotypes About Truck Drivers That Didn’t Change Over Time

7 Stereotypes About Truck Drivers That Didn’t Change Over Time

There are many stereotypes about truck drivers. We are sure that you have heard at least half of these  by now:

  1. Truck drivers are bad people, all of them are thieves and/or serial killers.

Now, this is funny even reading it. The disrespect in these false allegations comes mostly from the horror movies, shows, music etc., where truckers are always portrayed to be the bad guys in the story.

  1. Truck drivers are cheaters

This stereotype comes from the same sources as the first one. Have people that say these things ever met a trucker? Or at least seen their social media profiles? Most of them are loving family people, post pictures of their spouses and kids and write the most adorable things.

  1. Truck drivers are stinky and dirty, don’t take care of themselves and are overweight.

There are so many things to be said here. Firstly this is a very old stereotype and people that still believe in this should really be ashamed of themselves.. Even if you met one trucker with those characteristics, you should know better than to generalize!

  1. Trucking is an industry for men

Even though in the USA only 5.71% of all truckers in the USA are women, it’s good to know that they are as capable and hard-working as men in the industry. If you are wondering if trucking is the right job for you: read our blog post to find out!

  1. Women truckers get exploited

We live in the 21st century and seriously these stereotypes need to stop. Also, if you read stories about male truck drivers, you can find that men are being used at their jobs- once I read that two women tried to seduce a driver, they went into his truck, and while one was taking his attention away, the other one robbed him.

  1. Truck drivers wear only cowboy boots and jeans

Almost every truck driver can deny this, and it makes sense- can you imagine how uncomfortable it must be to sit down in jeans and cowboy boots for hours?

  1. Trucking is a boring job

Of course every job has its ups and downs, but boring is the one thing trucking isn’t. You see different places all the time, you have all the time in the world to find peace of mind away from all the drama waiting at home, you can listen to your favorite music or listen to great audio books while watching the best sunsets of your life…  I wouldn’t call it boring, would you?

Do you know any other stereotypes about truck drivers? Share it with us in our comment section so we can all have a laugh together.


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