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Is Trucking the Right Job for You?
April 16, 2019
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April 22, 2019

7 Tips for Truck Drivers to Save Money

7 Easy Tips for Truck Drivers to Save Money

7 Easy Tips for Truck Drivers to Save Money

Spending a lot of time away from home means you don’t have much choice than to buying from truck stops which are known to be very expensive. Here are a few tips on how to save money while on the road:


  1. Buy your food from home

This is easier said than done, but surely you are aware how much money you can save this way. Just prepare some easy meals at home and take them with you on the road. It is also more convenient for the times you get hungry while driving, it saves you time, and we all know that especially in this industry time=money.

  1. Keep buying things on the road at the minimum

Unless we are talking about your first driving job ever, then you already know what you usually need to take with you on the road. Make a list and use it every time you pack, so you don’t forget something- and you will save money from not buying supplies at expensive truck stops. That way you can also stay healthier- here are some tips on how to manage that, too.

  1. Choose the right bank for you

Take time to find out what each bank offers, and choose one that offers low ATM fees, and other advantages that fit your needs. Also, it’s very important to have a Mobile App with your bank account to keep track of your money.

  1. Download a money management app

There are few free apps that allow you to keep track of your expenses. You can also write down your earnings and know how much money you have left. This way you will be more attentive of what you buy in the future.

  1. Use WiFi whenever possible

This way you save your mobile data, which costs a lot. It also saves battery (it wastes less that when using mobile data), which you definitely need a lot of.

  1. Avoid taking cash advances

At least when it is possible! Because when the time comes to get paid, you will find that there isn’t much left!

  1. Use the reward programs that truck stops offer

Many big truck stops offer a reward card, and you gain points when using their services. Most of them offer free showers as rewards.


Do you agree with our suggestions? Maybe you have some more to add to the list. Write it down in the comment section below.

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