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August 17, 2019
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August 22, 2019

How can Truckers Pursue Hobbies on the Road?

truckers pursue hobbies

truckers pursue hobbies

Truck Driving is a time-consuming job. Drivers are on the road most of the day, sometimes even for weeks. So, it doesn’t seem logical for many people that truckers have time to nurture their mental health. But they are wrong- there are a few ways how truckers pursue hobbies on the road! There are many hobbies that you can do while in the cab, and also ones that you can do during a rest break.

Pursuing your hobbies can help reduce stress, keep you happy and motivated. Here are some ways how to do that.


  1. Audio books

Passionate readers might love the whole process of reading a good book, but this is also a good alternative. Although it is not the same, audio books at least help you keep in touch with good literature and pass the time while you can stay focused on the road. You will find that there are good websites which offer cheap monthly subscriptions, of one-month free trials.

Just be careful- if audio books take your focus out of the road, stop listening immediately. You can always read a good book on a break.


  1. Photography

Truck drivers get the best views, and stop at so many new places. So if you are a fan of taking photos, don’t forget your camera with you! Even if you are not, taking pictures is very good for keeping memories of things you have seen and experienced. You can then make an album or diary with all the interesting things, and maybe you will find a new hobby there!


  1. Exercise

We can’t say this enough- truckers do have time to keep their body fit and healthy. We even wrote a whole blog post about it, which you can read here. You can also take walks with your family while at home, or just follow our workout plan. Either way, a healthy body helps you become more confident, relaxed, and rested.


  1. Podcasts

Although you can listen to all kinds of podcasts on different subjects, you can also start one. It might not be easy or get you money (at least not at the beginning), but filming things you want to share with other people is something that you might find very satisfying.


Do you know which truckers pursue hobbies on the road? Maybe one of them is you? Share with the rest in the comments section below.

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