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May 16, 2019
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How to Balance Work and Sleep when Trucking?

How to Balance Work and Sleep when Long Hauling

How to Balance Work and Sleep when Long Hauling

Wondering how to balance work and sleep? We understand that nobody uses those 10 hours of break just for sleeping, when you have other things to do such as showering, laundry, meals etc. So what can you do?


Learn how your body works and what it needs

Some people are so called night owls, and can keep on trucking all night, but some get tired after a while. You shouldn’t risk getting into an accident just for a few more miles. Take your rests when your body requires them, and make a plan for the future hauls!


Try to get some sleep whenever you get the chance to do it

There are many opportunities for it, or at least for a power nap. Some pointers for this are:

  • Sleep while getting loaded or unloaded;
  • Take quick naps during your shift when you feel tired;
  • Sleep while you wait for the next load assignment;
  • Or, inform dispatch that you need rest before the next load (but not too often);
  • Sleep/ Nap during repairs at the shop;


Don’t overheat your truck

Yes, this is tricky during winter months, but when it gets too warm in your truck, it is much easier to fall asleep. You need to be alert at all times! During the rest of the months open your window more frequently to let oxygen and cold air give you additional energy.


Don’t be ashamed to sing as loud as you want

This one might seem funny, but the quiet music might easily put you to sleep. So play your favorite music as loud as you want, and sing as loud as you want to keep yourself energized.

Don’t drink too much coffee

It seriously isn’t healthy, and it doesn’t help as much as you might think. It is better to replace it with healthy food, like fruit, almonds and protein bars!


Do you balance work and sleep? Did you find these suggestions useful? Write how you regulate your sleep on the road in the comment section.

And keep in mind that if you constantly feel tired, maybe trucking isn’t the right job for you, and you should consider quitting for your own good.

If you are a driver with at least two years experience and no violations, and you are looking for new job opportunities, feel free to contact us at: contact@liventerprisesinc.com!

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