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How to prepare your truck for the winter

prepare your truck for the winter

You can’t prevent low temperatures, snow, ice and de-icing chemicals however, you can prepare your truck for the winter, nothing tests a truck’s readiness for climate change like a hard, frigid blast of arctic air.

If you treat your truck right, it will take care of you. That is true all year round, but during the winter months a semi might need a little extra love, especially in frigid weather.

In addition, we put together few tips that will make things easier.


Check your battery

Cold weather drains batteries fast, so check the age and strength of your battery before hitting the road. Also check for any loose wiring or harnesses.

Check your tires often

Good tread and properly inflated tires will help prevent breakdowns and accidents. If you run in areas that require chains, ensure that they are serviceable, that proper chain storage is available, and that drivers know how to safely use them.

Engine Oil

Having engine oil designed to move easily through your engine when it is very cold outside can be important this winter. Switch to winter-ready engine oil at your next oil change to maintain the best running conditions for your vehicle.

Diesel engine preparation

If you have a diesel engine, then there are a couple more steps you should take for winter preparedness to prevent diesel fuel gelling, which begins at 32 degrees, and becomes a problem around 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding an anti-gelling agent with your fuel on select models is a way to prevent this.

Other components

Some components need a little extra TLC in the winter. Make sure you periodically check :

Your brakes, coolant hoses and belts, door locks, air filters, fluid levels, headlights and wiper blades.


To ensure that you and your trucks survive winter, understand what is going on in the area where you operate, have a plan in place for what to do before and during winter, and respond accordingly to the plan. Is there any other important tip you would like to share about the upcoming winter? How do you prepare your truck for the winter? Let us know in the comments section.

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