LIV Enterprise INC is a privately owned company based in Illinois. It exists for over ten years.

Expedited Shipping

When you have high sensitive deliveries that need to be delivered really fast, we are wasting no time. No matter if your destination is near or far, and your shipment is big or small, you will rest assured that it will arrive on time, and you will have the comfort of always knowing the location of your freight along the way. We include: same - day, next - day, second - day and overnight delivery.

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Less-than- Truckload Shipping

For the cases when the shipment is larger than a parcel, but not large enough to be an entire truckload, the less – than - truckload shipping solution will allow you to move your goods frequently and in smaller batches with economies of scale that will provide effective, yet minimal freight costs. We have dynamic tools that allow you to schedule, merge, expedite, monitor and reroute shipments.

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Time Critical

Tailored to suit any industry sector, the time critical solution will allow your shipment to smoothly arrive with the exact precision at the exact time that you prefer. Our online tools such as purchase or customer reference number, bill of lading, the ability to monitor by a pro, delivery and pickup confirmation will allow you to have a complete shipment visibility.

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Trade show shipping

On top of designing your booth, creating marketing collateral, and booking travel arrangements, handling the transportation and delivery of trade show equipment can feel overwhelming. Our precision and professionalism are always our top priority, so we will handle monitoring your exhibit, the advanced warehousing and the final move out. We are providing careful, professional material handling, on-time delivery pickup and online tracking visibility throughout the process.

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Big capacity service with reduced costs and no risk of damage? Truckload is your choice. With our 98% shipment coverage and fast growing network of service providers, you can rest knowing that your load is with the best truckload carriers. Our truckload services include:

  • Streamlined billing
  • Consistent load monitoring and proactive notification
  • Simple pickup and delivery scheduling
  • Automatic creation of accurate and complete BOL
  • Customized solutions to increase productivity
  • Complete intermodal service throughout North America
  • Service to the 50 states, Mexico and Canada.

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Specialized Trailers

Our specialized division can haul a wide variety of loads. Our dry vans and flatbeds, combined with our best – in – class technology, are giving 100% professional approach to every delivery and provide the special conditions and handling that they require.

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Oversized transportation capabilities

Oversized cargo shipping is very complex. It is important to plan each step carefully. With our experience, we are more than capable of completing oversized cargo transportations. Firstly, we create a delivery scheme and then we plan the detailed directions. After that, we dismantle road infrastructure and acquire permissions. Our service includes transportation of:

  • Bulky and opened cargos
  • Pipes and tanks
  • Factory equipment
  • Agricultural and road machinery
  • Industrial constructions

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