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May 23, 2019
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OTR Truckers’ no.1 Challenge

OTR Truckers

OTR Truckers

Truck driving schools usually tell us that our future will be so interesting and exciting! OTR truckers live a life full of adventures and carelessness, enjoyable moments and feelings of freedom.

And all this may be true if you are young and at the beginning of your career. Or if you are not married and/or have no children.


The biggest problem comes when you start your career with young children at home, trying to provide for their future. That means that you have to be away from your family for days, sometimes weeks. Even when you are home, there are many obligations that there isn’t enough time spent with your family. Many truckers have very unstable relationships with their partners due to their nature of work. The divorce rate among truck drivers is unfortunately very high.

However, if you take long breaks from work in order to spend more time with your family, in most cases it means that there is a big chance you will be replaced. After that it may take even more than a month to find another job again.


So you might ask yourself: What is the solution to this problem?

Being away a long time is not easy, especially for the ones that have families who feel their absence. For those who have partners, but do not have children yet, it is a great option to become team drivers! That way the partner, that will later on stay at home with the children, will understand what the other person goes through to provide for the family.

Some people put off taking a driving job at least until their kids are grown. Or, there are so many, many types of trucking jobs out there to consider – local, regional, OTR. While the pay is less for local drivers, you get to sleep in your own bed and have enough time to spend with your loved ones.

Others take the risk of taking a bit more days off, just to be present in the lives of their kids and spouses.

Make sure that when you come home, whether it is for a few days or a week (or more), you socialize with your friends, and most importantly- spend time with your family. Have fun to make up for the time you lost with them, but also for the time you spend being alone on the road! Take care of yourself to be able to take care of the family!


What would you suggest to your fellow OTR truckers to do? Share your story in the comment section and find out about other trucker’s experiences.

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