People Behind LIV Enterprises Inc.

The foundation of a successful business is the people. Here at LIV Enterprises, we are not just people.  We respect and understand each other’s values, morals and ideas. We believe that together, we can achieve great success. And great success is not achieved without great leaders. These are the key people in the LIV family:

Luka Ivano


Max Sapiro

Chief, Trucking Operations

Vince Veljanovski

VP, Trucking Operations

Simona Vlahova

Director, Safety Department

Mary Ilieva

Head, Recruitment Department

Mike Muenster

VP, Business Growth

Alex Aceski

VP, Logistics Operations

Vlad Pupinoski

Director, Key Accounts

John Petrov

Director, Brokerage

Dan Petrevski

Chief, People Operations

Marina Makenadzieva

Head, Human Capital