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The Pros and Cons of Being a Trucker

pros and cons of being a trucker

pros and cons of being a trucker

We often get asked about the pros and cons of being a trucker. Firstly, we must not forget that truck driving is an ethical job. And any ethical job is a good one! People need to stop with the stereotypes and being judgmental … Because truck drivers make honest money with hard work, to transport to people the food they eat and the things they wear and use every day.

  1. Wrong assumptions

Truck driving is considered to be very easy. You hear comments like: “Oh, they just sit there for hours, what’s so hard about that?”. Well, first of all you should stay concentrated for 8 hours, be attentive of your truck and every other vehicle on the road, while people drive inattentively around you… Trucks are big dangerous vehicles. Secondly, truckers that drive OTR (Over The Road), meaning they don’t come home for a long time. It’s a huge sacrifice and it is so hard to be away from everyone… It’s the hardest challenge all truckers need to face.

There is so much more to it… And we shouldn’t underestimate anyone’s job position until we’ve been in their shoes.

  1. The beauty of trucking

It is a good job also because it makes good money, with which drivers provide for their families. They travel to places they would have never seen otherwise, they have alone time away from the drama and time to think about things they do not have time about at home. It is a good way to spend time if you play audio books, maybe you can learn a new language or some new skill useful for the future.  For most people, trucking is something that they have always wanted, therefore it is great to be on the road. Feeling free and independent for some people is very satisfying. One cannot just take one single aspect of it and say: “This is the best part of being a truck driver”.


You should think about whether trucking is the right job for you, because definitely- trucking isn’t for everyone. People that feel like trucking is dull or bad are not meant to do this job. Truckers love their job for many reasons.


In conclusion, the list of the pros and cons of being a trucker is a long one. You just have to decide which overcome the others, and make a final decision. Good luck.

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