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July 29, 2019
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Top 5 roads truckers want to avoid

Top 5 roads truckers want to avoid

U.S. considers trucking to be a very dangerous job. Above all, the fact that there are so many professionals with little and no accident in their career is  remarkable. There are many roads truckers want to avoid.

Hence, many roads are challenging even the best of the best.


I-10 in Arizona

Interstate 10 runs east from California, enters Arizona near the town of Ehrenberg and continues through Phoenix and Tucson.

Seems like the stretch of the highway is among the nation’s most dangerous, hence averaging about 85 fatalities per year.


Highway 550 in Colorado

The “Million Dollar Highway begins just north of Albuquerque and passes through the towns of San Ysidro, Cuba, Bloomfield and Aztec. So the scary part is that It goes through the mountains at an height of up to 11,000 feet without any shoulders or guardrails.

US 129 in North Carolina

U.S. Route is a north–south United States highway that travels 63.5 miles. Goes through the west part of North Carolina, traveling from the Georgia state line near Bellview, to the Tennessee state line at Deals Gap.

Above all, everyone knows it for its scenic mountain valley vistas and curvy mountain bends. Because it’s popular with bikers and sports car fans, earned the name “Tail of the Dragon” and its probably one of America’s most dangerous roads.

California & Arizona’s I-15

Interstate 15 is an Interstate Highway, firstly running from San Diego, California, United States, to the Canada–US border, through Mohave County in northwest Arizona.

This heavily traveled section of I-15 is a high-risk mix of truck drivers and Las Vegas tourist traffic. Therefore, this stretch has a high rate of drunk driving accidents due to low seat belt use.

Dalton Highway in Alaska

The Dalton Highways a 414-mile road in Alaska. It begins at the Elliott Highway, north of Fairbanks, and ends at Deadhorse  near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields. First of all, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System used it as a support road in 1974.

Alaska’s Dalton Highway is a highly dangerous route because it winds through mountain terrain and has only one fuel stop and almost no access to emergency services.


Do you have experience with any of these? And do you know any other roads truckers avoid? Let us know in the comments section.


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