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Top 5 Tips for Freight Brokers

tips for freight brokers

tips for freight brokers

Freight brokers are filling in a crucial role in the movement of freight, as the missing link between shippers and carriers. They negotiate good shipping rates and fast deliveries from transportation companies, and connect them with the businesses that need to transport goods or cargo, so carriers can maximize their loads.Besides acting as an intermediary, brokers have an important function in the tracking of freight, as they keep thorough records of pickups and deliveries, and other information. They also oversee the legal part of the transportation, as they need to be experts in shipping regulations and procedures. Anyone can realize the job is far from easy, so here are the best tips for all freight brokers:


  1. Listen to your customers

It is crucial to understand your customers’ needs more than any of your competitors. The industry may not be blooming, but there are a lot of trucking and brokerage companies. Don’t forget that you are competing with a LOT of other brokerages, so make sure you are different. Keep notes of all the conversations you have with your customers, and keep contacts with everyone. That way you have a better chance that they will come back.


  1. Give the right information

Successful brokers will patiently and respectfully give their prospects the information they need to make an informed decision. (Extra tip: if your customer won’t budge on the rate and you know it’s a challenging lane, let them sweat a little bit.)


  1. Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Don’t take freight unless you can move it. And remember, you can move anything for the right price.


  1. Take time to prepare

Don’t rush into calling as many people as possible. Remember: quality is more important than quantity.

So take time to do a little research on your prospects. Also, prepare yourself for the questions that carriers will be asking you about any freight that your customer is moving. Avoid stumbling in your speech on the phone (or in person), you always weaken your negotiating position when you stumble. And most importantly, know in advance what your target terms are, what you will say to persuade your supplier to agree to those terms, and how much you are willing to negotiate.


  1. Don’t rush anything

Never tell the customer that you are going to simply “Post their load” – you are essentially telling the shipper that you don’t actually have a truck for the load. Moreover, don’t JUST post your load on the load boards. Search for trucks within 100-150 miles of your origin and start calling them!


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Be patient. It takes time and you need to learn a lot before becoming really successful. Do you have any other tips for freight brokers to add? Let us know in the comments section below.




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