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August 8, 2019
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5 Truckers Secrets you didn’t know

5 Truckers Secrets you didn’t knewWe might not often stop to think about it, but these long-haul truckers are key to keeping our economic infrastructure running. Are there any truckers secrets?

We see long-haul truckers everywhere pretty much every time that we get on the highway. But how much do we know about them really?


CB radios

Of course, CB radios aren’t nearly as popular as they used to be, now that there’s the Internet available everywhere and pretty much everyone in the free world has a cellphone.Not all drivers have CBs, but truckers still might need to send a message to someone else on the road.


Blinkers communication

Truckers might be flashing its headlights at you while you’re driving down the road at night. You might think the driver might be mad at you, but that probably isn’t the case.

For example: More than two consecutive flashes from oncoming traffic means that there is another type of danger ahead and you should proceed with caution.

Truck drivers will often put their hazard lights on when highway traffic is coming to an abrupt stop. Avoid having to jam on your brakes at the last second by understanding what this signal means.

800 Bumper sticker.

If you’re ever caught behind a truck, you might wind up staring at a bumper sticker that encourages people to call an 800 number. This is the number you can use too report a driver with dangerous road habits.

A truck driver might be driving in a way that’s unsafe and that endangers the lives of those people around him. If that’s the case, then call the number on the truck,



The only time when a driver can travel with a partner, he or she has gotten permission from the trucking company

Hitchhiking is one of those odd things these days anyway; you hardly ever see it anymore.

Long-distance truck drivers are forbidden to pick up hitchhikers.

they have a camera on the dash. One lens points out, and one points to the cab.

Obviously, if that camera shows another person in it, the driver might lose his job.


Trucker’s aren’t rich

One of the reasons so many people are drawn to this type of job is the pay. Although you aren’t going to get rich driving trucks, you can get by pretty well doing it if you put in your time and effort. As long as you can take the grind of driving all day, you’ll be more than fine as a truck driver.


Can we say these are truckers secrets? Would you add another one? Let us see in the comments section.

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