How to make your Rig Feel like Home

Beginner truck drivers often ask themselves how to make their rig feel like home. At first it is normal to miss your home, and to feel uncomfortable in the new “living environment”. Also, during your travels, you won’t always be familiar with your surroundings. And even if you are, you can’t exactly take off and drive to the movie theater in your truck. So here are some tips on how to make your rig feel more like home:

  1. Sleeper

First of all, rest is the most important- so sleeping in your rig makes immediately it feel like home. It would be nice to have a nice carpet which you can take out and wash. You can also take your shoes off in the sleeper, and keep it clean- have a trash can in front of the passenger’s seat which you will empty every day. You can deep clean it once a week or so, and also do the laundry to wash your clothes and bed linen. Another thing you can do alone is wash your mini-fridge (if you have one), have a storage area (ex. Under the bed), and also keep the outside clean.

Simple things like making your bed every time you got out of it can make it feel quite satisfying.

  1. Fun

Of course, you have the old standbys: reading and writing or some sort of hobby. These are all tremendous ways to pass the time, and can be educational for you as well. Many truck drivers bring lap tops and with the Internet now you can even stream TV programs. However, you can buy a small tv/vcr. Some drivers are gamers, and this can be a fun way to pass the time (and stay social via Internet connections), but you have to be careful to resist the urge to stay up all night playing.

  1. Taking care of your health

We mention this a LOT throughout our blogs, but it’s the most important thing! And we will keep reminding you. There are ways to take care of your health, and prevent gaining weight or getting many health related issues. It’s all a matter of priorities. So when you acknowledge we only have one body to live in, maybe you will start taking better care of it.

Truck drivers really have a busy schedule, they work almost double than others, and they want to use their free time to relax, rest, or spend time with their families. But there are also ways to stay healthy and safe on the road! With just a little bit of effort you can prevent gaining weight.

Also one of the best advice is to exercise in the truck– there are some easy ones you can do in the cabin!

How do you make your rig feel like home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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