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Dedicated fleet

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Transportation Management

Tailored to suit any industry sector such as dry van, flatbed, brokerage, and complete managed transportation, our time-critical solutions will allow your shipments to safely arrive on time. We match our proprietary cloud-based tracking technology, 80+ years of industry expertise, and experienced operations staff to provide a seamless and easy logistics solution.


At LIV enterprise you can find the best truckload carriers equipped with best-in-class technology. We offer a dry van and flatbed.

Great service and big capacity

With us, you get professional truckload shipping services. We have a 98% shipment coverage rate and a growing network of service providers. For that reason, you can be sure that we are always capable of finding drivers and equipment. We pay attention to our carrier performance because we want to keep high standards.

Making It Easier For You

Our experienced employees will make sure you get what you need and more. Our truckload services include:

  • Streamlined billing
  • Consistent load monitoring and proactive notification
  • Simple pick up and delivery scheduling
  • Automatic creation of accurate and complete BOL
  • Customized solutions to increase productivity
  • Complete intermodal service throughout North America
  • Service to the 50 states, Mexico and Canada

Less-Than-Truckload Shipping

For the cases when the shipment is larger than a parcel, but not large enough to be an entire truckload, we have less-than-truckload shipping

We understand how critical less-than- truckload shipping can be. However, we can assure you that with us you’ll get efficient, flexible, and complete shipping. We have dynamic tools that allow you to schedule, merge, expedite, monitor, and reroute shipments.

Expedite Shipping

Expedite shipping is best for time-critical shipments. If you want them to arrive on time always, you should choose this type of shipping. A big plus about it is the in-office coverage 24/7/365. We are always available to schedule your fast freight. Just tell us where, and we’ll deliver

Fast Shipping

We are willing and we know how to help you with your delivery deadline. Whether chartered air transportation is needed for medical purposes or a manufacturer needs a fast shipment, we can handle it. Also, with us, you will always know the exact location of your shipment.

Fast Shipping

We offer the following fast freight solutions:

  • Second-day shipping
  • Next-day shipping
  • Same-day shipping
  • Overnight delivery

Specialized Trailers

Our specialized division can haul a wide variety of loads. Our top technology and equipment ensure success in reaching the highest standards for emergency and safety. You can trust us, as we are the professionals that will make leading your business easier.